Founded in 1970 through an agreement with the Law Society of Alberta and the Attorney General, Legal Aid Alberta was established to provide criminal and civil legal support for Albertans.

We are a registered nonprofit organization, publicly funded through the provincial government and the Alberta Law Foundation to provide legal representation, advice, information, and support services to low income and in-need Albertans.

We are accountable to the public and are independent from government.


An Alberta where everyone is able to understand and protect their legal rights.


We provide legal services and expertise to individuals and the legal community to support fairness in the justice system.

We regularly interact with Albertans when they are at their most vulnerable. We engage with clients to find lasting solutions to their legal challenges and help identify support opportunities, providing resolutions to help clients get back on track.

Since 1970, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Albertans find lasting resolution to their legal issues through services including: family law issues; child welfare matters; youth and adult criminal matters; and immigration and refugee issues.

Legal Aid Alberta is incorporated under the Societies Act and is authorized to deliver legal aid services within the Province of Alberta. We are accountable for the prudent financial stewardship of any funding received each year, managing funds in the most efficient way possible. We are further accountable to the public through our
representation of our clients.

Service Reductions – re: Provincial Court of Alberta’s COVID-19 Pandemic
Response Plan (COVID-19 Plan)

Legal Aid Alberta is working with its partners in the justice system to ensure critical services continue to be delivered to Albertans in contact with the courts.

At the request of the Criminal Division of the Edmonton Law Courts, we are distributing their COVID-19 plan. This plan will take effective on March 23, 2020. Please review the link to the plan below that outlines all changes and policy that are in effect until further notice. ​

Edmonton Criminal Division Scheduling Note – Effective March 23, 2020