LAA staff lawyer honoured with Queen’s Counsel designation

On March 4, 2020, Legal Aid Alberta (LAA) Queen’s Bench Duty Counsel lawyer Christine Le Quéré was appointed as a Queen’s Counsel (Q.C.) for the province of Alberta.

An appointment as Q.C. represents a great deal. Le Quéré will be joining a highly respected group of lawyers deserving of recognition and distinction for the exceptional contribution she has made to both the legal profession and the community.

In 2013, Le Quéré began as a Duty Counsel lawyer at LAA. In her role, she provides information, guidance, and legal advice for Albertans appearing in Court of Queen’s Bench for Divorce/Family Law matters and Restraining Orders/Queen’s Bench Protection Orders.

Le Quéré offers services in French and works very closely with self-represented litigants, the clerks of the courts and the judiciary to support fairness in the justice system. A typical day for Le Quéré starts with interviewing individuals that are appearing before a judge in family court. Then she provides brief synopses of each file to the presiding justice to assist in their decision-making. Each day, Le Quéré helps 20-35 self-represented Albertans understand and protect their legal rights.

“Legal Aid Alberta lawyers work extremely hard to ensure access to justice is available for self-represented individuals,” says Le Quéré. “I am very proud of being able to work for Legal Aid and am very humbled by this recent appointment. I would have never reached this level of accomplishment in my career if it wasn’t for Legal Aid.”

Le Quéré, who has been practicing law for 17 years, also acts as a supervising lawyer for articling students at Calgary Legal Guidance and University of Calgary law students. She enjoys the ability to mentor aspiring lawyers about access to justice issues and to help them develop their skills.

Duty counsel lawyers have unique expertise in many areas that enable the court system to function more effectively than would otherwise be the case. As a core element of our service, LAA provides duty counsel lawyers in courtrooms across Alberta to ensure efficient use of court time and that Albertans are served in a manner that provides the best outcome for their legal issue.

Duty Counsel is a free service available to all Albertans, regardless of income.

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