Protecting the legal rights of new Canadians

Legal Aid Alberta (LAA) provides support to some of the most vulnerable in society, including new immigrants and those who have left their lives behind to escape persecution.

In 2018-2019, 883 certificates were issued for immigration matters, with over 825 distinct clients represented by  LAA in the areas of refugee claims, judicial reviews of refugee claims, detention reviews, and appeals among other areas.

The number of certificates decreased in 2018-2019 by approximately 19% from 1,091 in 2017-2018, after certificates issued in 2017-2018 more than doubled from the previous fiscal year.

In total, LAA represented clients from over 100 countries, the majority coming from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Turkey, and Uganda.

For more information about how we assist Albertans during difficult times in their lives, check out this interactive website that was developed to showcase the 2018-2019 fiscal year and our successes.

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