Specialized Training from LAA on Immigration & Refugee Law

As part of Legal Aid Alberta’s (LAA) commitment to being a Centre of Excellence in all that we do, our organization recently held an Immigration and Refugee Law training session for Alberta lawyers.

Presenters at this event included LAA staff lawyers and resident immigration experts Ruth Williams and Juliette Ukpabi, as well as guest speakers from the Immigration and Refugee Board.  The training was held at our Edmonton office on September 27, 2019 and was attended by over 50 lawyers.

This particular session went into significant detail on topics including fundamentals of immigration advocacy, preparation for hearings and best practices when it comes to representing clients facing complex immigration issues.

“Ensuring that our staff and roster lawyers provide high quality representation to our clients is a top priority for our organization” says Andrea Doyle, Senior Advisory Counsel for Family & Immigration Law at LAA.  “Sharing our in-house expertise with the legal community is central to our goal of being a Centre of Excellence in all that we do.”

The feedback from this training session was overwhelmingly positive. Evaluations indicated that roster lawyers were very appreciative of this learning opportunity and eager to participate in more training sessions in the future.

LAA has hosted several learning opportunities for the legal community in the past, including Effective Representation of Children in High Conflict Cases.

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, LAA issues 883 certificates for immigration matters, with over 825 distinct clients represented by LAA. In total, LAA represented clients from over 100 countries, the majority coming from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Turkey, and Uganda.

In the photo above, Ruth Williams, Immigration Staff Lawyer. 

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