Re-establishing Duty Counsel Services in Fort McMurray

As part of our efforts to ensure that all Albertans have access to our vital services, we are pleased to announce that full-time Duty Counsel services are being provided by our staff lawyers are now available in Fort McMurray and the remote community of Fort Chipewyan.

Duty Counsel services are an area where Legal Aid Alberta has demonstrated that we are a Centre of Excellence by using our expertise and skills to serve unrepresented Albertans at court appearances. Our Duty Counsel lawyers provide enhanced, exceptional, consistent, and accessible legal representation for unrepresented individuals in courtrooms across Alberta.

Re-establishing duty counsel services in Fort McMurray will help ensure the best possible use is being made of expensive and scarce court time. Having full-time duty counsel in Fort McMurray supports fairness in the justice system and improves the efficiency of the court process.

“This expansion of our services will help to strengthen our presence in Northern Alberta and bring us a step closer to an Alberta where everyone is able to understand and protect their legal rights,” said Jennifer Costigan, Managing Director of Legal Services North.

The LAA office will be located in the Fort McMurray courthouse and our duty counsel lawyers will travel to Fort Chipewyan when court is sitting to provide services to those appearing before a judge.

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