Legal Aid Alberta releases 2018-2019 Annual Report

Legal Aid Alberta is proud to announce the release of our 2018-2019 Annual Report that highlights the value we provide for all Albertans, and shows why our services are necessary for the justice system to function effectively.

Our new Strategic Plan highlights five key strategic priorities that Legal Aid Alberta is focused on, and our Annual Report shows the progress we are starting to make in these areas. We also wanted our annual report to ensure stakeholders, including the general public, fully understand and appreciate the unique services we are able to provide, and how each and every day this work protects the legal rights of Albertans.

In order to achieve this, we have undertaken a multi-faceted, strategic approach to redevelop our brand, educate stakeholders on our mandate and role in the justice system, and to profile our expertise in the delivery of legal services.

Interactive website launched

As part of these efforts, we have developed a small, interactive website to showcase the 2018-2019 fiscal year and our successes. The website is a compendium piece to the more traditional style of Annual Report that is also available in PDF format. 

The theme of the report, Value for All Albertans, shows how Legal Aid Alberta is uniquely able to deliver essential services that provide tremendous value to all Albertans. The Annual Report paints a comprehensive picture of how we provide tremendous value and assist individuals and families to better understand and protect their legal rights.

“The examples provided in this report are a mere snapshot of the successes we have had in the last year, and as you read ahead you will find many more examples of our positive contributions to the province and the justice system,” President and CEO John Panusa writes in his message in the report. “These successes link directly to the priorities outlined in our strategic plan, that our services are accessible and delivered fairly to Albertans, and the values of our organization guiding us in the decisions we make every day.” 

The report also demonstrates how Legal Aid Alberta functions as a Centre of Excellence in Alberta’s justice system, delivering high quality services to clients as well as support to many other organizations and lawyers to improve the system for all Albertans.

The Annual report website can be found here:



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