Call Back Feature a ‘Win-Win’ for Clients

Last month we announced  a client call back feature had been introduced in our client call centre. We are happy to report that in just this first month there have been over 6,300 callback requests and we are already seeing very positive results and significant benefits for our clients.

Legal Aid Alberta (LAA) understands that clients often do not have the time and may not be able to afford the cell phone minutes to wait on hold when they call to apply for service. That is why we introduced the call back feature where callers have the option to request a call back from LAA without losing their position in the queue.

With thousands of Albertans calling LAA every month, wait times were sometimes significant at certain peak times, so being able to request a call back instead of waiting on hold is a much better option for many of our clients.

“We are already seeing so many benefits for clients in terms of stress reduction and increased efficiency. Happier callers lead to a shorter handling time and that improves client satisfaction,” said Melody Schram, Senior Manager of Client Intake Services. “As a client-focused organization, this was a very worthwhile upgrade. This feature helps to ensure that our services are accessible to all Albertans.”

Our call centre is composed of front line staff who act as the first point of contact for Albertans applying for  services. In the 2018-19 fiscal year, the call centre received almost 200,000 calls. Typically callers will talk first with a Legal Services Officer (LSO) who collects the information used to determine if the caller is eligible for services.

Several LSOs were asked about their thoughts on the recent implementation of call back feature and here’s what they had to say:

  • I have noticed many of my clients are less agitated when we experience higher call volumes. When explaining to existing clients that they now have the option to request a call back that is almost always met with relief and gratitude.  I am also impressed with how quickly and seamlessly IT implemented the call back feature.”   
  •  The callback feature has improved my ability to connect with clients.”  
  • “I think our clients appreciate the ability to maintain their position in the phone queue without it consuming their time and phone minutes. It shows a respect for our clients’ time and their busy lives while also increasing their access to the call centre.”
  • “The call back feature is a win-win for both clients and staff. Clients can now request a call back rather than having to time off of work (as an example) to endure the frustrating ‘on-hold’ process. It also reduces unnecessary pressure on Legal Service Officers and makes the experience more positive and productive on both sides.”  
  • “Since its inception the call back feature has become the go-to choice for new and existing clients and it is my hope that it will lower the amount of calls that are abandoned. Furthermore, the feature also has reduced client frustration allowing us to efficiently use the time we have with each client to assess their needs and address individual questions and concerns.” 

One of LAA’s strategic priorities is to be innovative in the way we deliver services and to improve the accessibility of our services for Albertans. This new technology helps minimize barriers to quick, effective, and appropriate legal representation for eligible Albertans. 

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