Legal Aid Alberta Proudly Announces New Strategic Plan

With a new Governance Agreement in place, Legal Aid Alberta (LAA) has now finalized a Strategic Plan that sets the direction for the organization over the next three years.

Legal Aid Alberta Strategic Plan 2019/20 - 2021/22

Having worked with the LAA Board of Directors and staff at all levels and across the organization, LAA President and CEO John Panusa released the plan describing it as a touchstone for the organization.

“This 3-year rolling plan will keep our focus on what is most important,” he said. “It will provide guidance for each of us every day, so we can make the best, values-based decisions in our pursuit of becoming a client-focused Centre of Excellence.”

The plan is based on an entirely new vision for the organization that looks towards An Alberta where everyone is able to understand and protect their legal rights.

“To me this is profoundly inspiring; it speaks to me of fairness and justice, and the kind of Alberta where I want to live and raise my family.”

John Panusa, LAA President and CEO

Building on this vision, the new LAA mission addresses the role the organization can play in working towards making it a reality: We provide legal services and expertise to individuals and the legal community to support fairness in the justice system. It is easy to see how this new mission will help focus work in the areas where LAA can make the most significant impact.


Underpinning the vision and mission is a new set of values. “These new LAA values go far beyond the high expectations of professionalism and sterling ethics that we already have for all our employees,” Panusa explained. “They focus on the values that are unique to our organization, to those things that make us remarkable, and they speak to our continual aspirations of excellence in everything we do.”

  • We are ONE. We work together in a collaborative and supportive manner to deliver unwavering and innovative services to our clients as one unified organization.
  • We are PROTECTORS. We serve Albertans, often the most vulnerable of us, and work tirelessly to protect their rights and to ensure a fair process.
  • We are EXCEPTIONAL. We are experts at what we do and we continually strive for improvement.
  • We are INDEPENDENT. We operate and provide legal counsel free from outside involvement.

The LAA vision, mission and values were used as the foundation upon which the entire Strategic Plan was built. The plan identifies Strategic Priorities where the organization must focus to ensure it is effectively working towards fulfilling its mandate, and gives some detail about work to be done in these areas.

“This plan is aspirational; there is no doubt it aims high,” says Panusa. “But I sincerely believe that all of us at LAA putting our full efforts towards working together to accomplish these goals will allow us to meet or even surpass these goals.”

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