Phone system updates improve client service

Legal Aid Alberta is always looking to find ways to improve the service we provide Albertans who are in need of legal support at difficult times in their lives. As an organization we put our clients first in the way we think and the way we operate. 

That’s why we have been working diligently to improve one of the most important points of contact for Albertans looking to get legal support – our phone system. 

A review of client phone calls found clients and stakeholders frustrated by the need to listen to a lengthy message composed of multiple segments before speaking to a live person. This was particularly frustrating to stakeholders because the message content did not always apply to them.

In order to improve the client experience, we have implemented a new, dramatically shorter greeting that will allow clients to speak to a live person much faster, and callers will no longer be required to enter their date of birth into the phone system prior to being put through to the correct phone queue for assistance. 

The third and final change that has taken place related to the phone system is clients will no longer have to listen to a pre-recorded terms and conditions message during their conversation with our call centre. The terms and conditions recording, approximately three minutes long, was played to clients during the intake process and covered a lot of material, including waiver of solicitor client privilege, payment terms, and privacy, among other things. 

Legal Aid Alberta staff, including lawyers, will be incorporating key points of the recording into the intake process and legal representation as needed. The result of this will be a time savings of around seven hours per day for our organization during the intake process. This will allow our call centre to better support clients, and create a more personalized experience for clients that will get them the support they need quickly and more efficiently.

We continually strive to provide a level of service to clients that ensures a high-degree of efficient and effective legal representation. Whether it be implementing new procedures or streamlining existing ones, we are continually looking at how our organization can better serve Albertans.

If you’re in need of legal support, read more about how to contact us and what information you need to have ready before you call in order to ensure efficient service. 

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