LAA Joins in Walk to End Elder Abuse in Calgary

LAA Employees Supporting Walk to End Elder Abuse in Calgary
LAA Employees Supporting Walk to End Elder Abuse in Calgary

June 15 was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and staff from our Calgary office participated in the Walk to End Elder Abuse to help put the spotlight on the issue and let Calgarians know how we can help support Albertans escape unhealthy situations.

Whether it is financial, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, thousands of Albertans are subjected to some form of elder abuse. As the fastest-growing population in Canada, it’s important Legal Aid Alberta work with our community stakeholders to provide the necessary support to seniors across the province who may be experiencing abuse at the hands of a family member.

Preventing and addressing this type of abuse starts with empowerment. Knowing the signs and taking action to prevent impacts to their health and well-being will help limit the impacts on our health, social services and justice systems.

Our Emergency Protection Order Program can provide support to Albertans trying to escape abuse, often committed by someone close to the victim, like a family member, friend or caregiver. We also shared two examples with Albertans of where Legal Aid Alberta has been able to help Albertans.

We all must do our part to learn the signs and break the cycle of elder abuse.

Thank you to Nathalie Flynn for organizing our participation at the event and for being the face of Legal Aid Alberta at our booth. Well done!

We would also like to thank CARYA, Kerby Centre and the Calgary Police Service for organizing this event and raising awareness of this global issue that affects the well-being of millions around the world. 

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